What is a DJ Controller Board?

A DJ Controller board is a piece of hardware that allows you to interact with music in several ways.  There are different types of boards with different features but for the most part they allow you to access a music supply (USB stick, laptop harddrive, etc), queue music to play, set sync points, taper treble, bass and midrange frequencies, add effects to, sample and generally mix music.

What are all of the elements in the equation of being a DJ?

–    Hardware  (Classic Turntables, DJ Controller, iPad, iPhone, Speakers, Stands, Microphones, Headphones, Laptop, )

–    Software  (Organize music, playlists, songs by BPM, genre, etc, Operating Systems, Firmware)

–    Booking a venue or party, marketing your skills

–    Music collection!

We are going to focus on the most viable method of being a DJ.  Using a collection of music with a DJ Controller board.

This site does not speak to the allowance or dis-allowance of playing music in a public forum.  Please refer to your local laws as well as any copyright legality with the music you choose to play.  Most software that you may use will have terms and conditions of using the software as well.  Please read all pertinent verbiage at your discretion.

Having said that…   It is fairly easy to get off the ground and going with a DJ Controller board.  Get the appropriate hardware for you.  Get some acceptable speakers.  Import or access your approved music supply and start playing!