A world of difference with a laptop stand!

It’s such a simple purchase.  This purchase makes life so much better.  SO MUCH BETTER!  Personally, I really recommend the PYLE-PRO PLPTS25.

Here’s why!

It’s very sturdy!  I use this on my desk at home when I’m not playing a gig and it helps to dual screen my macbook pro right next to my apple thunderbolt display.  It places your laptop at a great angle in case you want to use the keyboard or trackpad while working on beats.  It holds up to 8 lbs, which far exceeds any laptop I’ve heard of.

It will also hold other items quite nicely like a MultiChannel mixer, EFX Machines, lighting controllers, etc.

SUPER easy to put together and it has rubber grips to help grab ahold of whatever you choose to display/support on it.

Highly recommend!

I have my audio interface sitting on the base of this stand with my 15″ MacBook Pro on top of it.