The Couch DJ. This is too fun.

Sitting on the couch with a tablet or a smart phone and mixing beats is a lot of fun.   It is VERY inexpensive, comparatively speaking.   This setup will work on your iphone and ipad.   It is possible it works on android devices as well but I haven’t checked in on that yet.

You likely have a good amount of music already on your tablet or smart phone.  Why not mix up your research routine by chilling on the couch and exploring your music meshing, beat matching or queue point options.

This very unique and specifically engineered cable will allow you to be the couch DJ.  It’s so fun.   Griffin engineered a very special type of cable splitter to allow queuing music to go out one cable (to a set of headphones or ear buds) and the other cable to carry the live signal!


The DJay app by Algoriddim is also a must have.   It’s 2.99 and is worth every single penny.


You’re welcome!   😛